Massage therapist Sveta Yakubovich, owner of Sveta’s Body Therapy in the Bradley Fair shopping center, plans to open a second location I the Genesis Health Club at 1551 N. Rock Road in December.

A growing demand for her services and the opportunity to work with the clients at Genesis prompted her decision to expand, says Yakubovich, who came to the United States from Russia with her mother, her husband and her son in 1993.

It will be a sort of homecoming for Yakubovich, who worked at the Wichita Racquet Club as a massage therapist form 1994 until 2000.

Yakubovich say Genesis owner Rodney Steven II has been talking to her about expanding to his facility, which has been undergoing a $3 million renovation, for the past few months.

Yakubovich will rent three rooms at Genesis, and will have an area for her own receptionist. Yakubovich says she will probably add three new massage therapists to work at Genesis. She will also take appointments for herself at the health club, although her primary location will remain Bradley Fair.

Yakubovich, who is seven months pregnant, also says she will probably scale back her work for a time after the couple’s second child is born. She says one advantage of the Genesis location, for both Yakubovich and her clients, is the onJ site nursery.

Steven says he wanted Yakubovich to be part of his facility because “she’s the best.”

“I think she’s got the best reputation in town. She’s successful, and she’s already worked with this clientele,” Steven says.

The massage therapy business has been good to 31­‐year old Yakubovich. Her business, which is 2 years old this month, has increased about 30 percent a years, she says.

Since opening, Yakubovich has expanded Sveta’s to offer facials, natural nails, waxing and other body treatments. Yakubovich says in addition to massage therapy, the Genesis location will include deep-­‐heat stone therapy and parafango wraps.

Yakubovich and one of her employees, Altin Miraka, have recently earned diplomas of acupuncture from the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine and passed their acupuncture tests from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture is offered at Sveta’s.

Massage therapy, she says, remains the core of her business, which employs 12 people.

Yakubovich also has recently added makeovers to her business, and will soon carry Motives, and American line of makeup.

“I want to keep my business more about health, with more of the natural stuff,” Yakubovich says.

Wichita cardiologist Dr. Joseph Galichia, who formerly owned The Racquet Club and has been a client of Yakubovich’s since she came to Wichita says he encouraged her to expand her business to Genesis.

“I think she has a lot of talent, energy and good managerial skills – She’s a superb individual who’s well known in the business community. Other clients include banker Michael Michaelis and developer George Laham, as well as spouses of many Wichita business leaders.

Yakubovich credits Laham, the developer of the Bradley Fair shopping center and her landlord, with helping her company become successful.

“George Laham has helped me with business more than anybody else,” Yakubovich says. “He’s given me great business advice.”

Wichita Business Journal