Intensive Nail Therapy w/ Vitamin E


Jojoba, Keratin, Lavendar, and Beta-Carotene rich cuticle oil reives dry cracked cuticles while refreshing your manicure!

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This superb nourishing oil dramatically softens dry and damaged cuticles, making them disappear in an instant! Nutrient-rich jojoba and holly oils, keratin protein, and natural anti-oxidant vitamins A and E combine to encourage cellular renewal and protect nail beds, resulting in strong, healthy nails.  An excellent way to keep manicures and pedicures looking fresh and attractive!

Client Use:

Apply small amount to cuticles and nails, then massage in. Follow with hand creme or lotion to seal in benefits. An excellent way to prolong the benefits of a professional manicure or pedicure.

Product Ingredients:

Holly oil, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed keratin, carrot tissue extract, vitamin e acetate, germall plus, color, lavender oil.

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