Exfoliating Jojoba Gel


An effective exfoliation alternative for those who are sensitive to alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Jojoba oil is highly stable and good for the face, even on individuals who are oil sensitive or prone to acne. It is very similar in composition to human sebum. This enables it to penetrate and emulsify thick, waxy buildup in pores, helping relieve congestion.

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Skin Type: Normal / All

Product Description:

This rejuvenating gentle gel-based polish sweeps away dead skin cells, refines surface texture and helps decongest skin. Jojoba microbeads partially dissolve as you massage, infusing skin with soothing moisture; a blend of botanical extracts encourage cellular regeneration. Skin will glow!

Directions for Use:

Use one to two times a week. After cleansing, apply small amount of product and rotate over skin with fingertips using very light pressure, taking care not to overstimulate the skin. Use caution when rinsing to avoid getting product in the eyes. Follow with appropriate toner and creme for your skin type.

Product Ingredients:

Purified water, aloe vera extract, isopropyl isostearate, glycerine, panthenol, allantoin, witch hazel, carbomer, ascophyllum nodosum extract, hydrolyzed jojoba oil beads, carrot tissue oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, sage oil, butchers broom, calendula, chamomile, lavender, diazolidynyl urea, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.


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